Water Rights

The waters of Nevada are a vital resource for today’s needs and to support development in the future. We are the stewards of our water and related land resources. How we develop, protect, conserve, and share them is critical for Nevada’s future.

Water is extremely limited in Nevada and the rights to appropriate and put it to use are complicated. All water within the boundaries of the state, whether above or beneath the surface of the ground, belongs to the public and is subject to appropriation for beneficial use through the Nevada State Engineer’s office.

RCI is well into its 5th decade of providing water rights services throughout Nevada. RCI provides water rights assistance, support, and advice to individuals, corporations, attorneys, title companies, utilities, and public entities in all phases of Nevada water from Applications to Appropriate, to the most complex analysis and review. RCI’s experienced water rights staff provides complete client services from Application through Beneficial Use.

RCI is skilled in the areas of water rights evaluation and analysis as well as determination of water rights ownership and water title. RCI supports attorneys and legal representatives providing analysis, expert testimony, and support for due diligence, litigation, hearings, and all aspects of water rights. Services are tailored to meet the needs of the client and include comprehensive water rights management, administration, recommendations, and evaluations as needed by the client.

RCI clients reflect all types of water users and owners. This includes Cities, Counties, Improvement Districts, developers, public utilities, mining companies, Individuals, ranchers, farmers, and non-profit organizations. A representative client list is available upon request.

RCI is frequently called upon to serve clients investigating the purchase or transfer of water rights. Analyzing the status, condition, and history of water rights helps clients with their due diligence needs for acquiring or selling water, as well as land with apparent water rights.

RCI routinely prepares water right Applications to Appropriate, Applications to Change, Proofs Under Claims of Vested Rights and the supporting maps required to complete them. Our firm is experienced in all aspects of the process and is familiar with the requirements of the Division of Water Resources


Vested water rights are a frequent area of service by RCI to our water right clients.  The preparations, filing, and processing of claims of vested rights is complex and lengthy.  RCI is also experienced in the process of the adjudication of vested water rights through the Division of Water Resources and the District Courts.

Review and analysis of water title is a specialty area of expertise offered by RCI. Water title review can be complex and as a result RCI frequently provides water title evaluation services to title companies and attorneys.

Water transfers through the State Engineer’s office are regular services provided to RCI clients through the prescribed Report of Conveyance process.

The maintenance and administration to keep water rights current and in good standing, is a significant part of RCI’s professional water right services. From clients with a single water permit, to major water right leaders with over a hundred permits, RCI maintains the rights of all types of clients in all parts of Nevada.

Water use plans are another area of water expertise offered by RCI. From the development of plans for proposed projects and project needs, to the maintaining of actual usage and reporting of usage under approved plans, RCI provides complete services for meeting permit terms and regulatory requirements.

Regional water planning has been a long-term area of expertise and client service offered by RCI. Water planning for Counties and water systems, as well as planning, and execution of water rights changes and administration to support regional water planning is an area where RCI is very experienced.