RCI Welcomes Elana Ketchian, Environmental & Resource Technician

Join us in welcoming Elana who will assist in a variety of projects with RCI’s Environmental Services, Natural Resources, and Civil Engineering teams! 

Elana has a Bachelor of Science in Wildlife Ecology and Conservation and is working towards a Master’s in Civil and Environmental Engineering. She attended the University of Nevada, Reno where she gained a variety of experience in vegetation and ecology research. She has worked with climate instrumentation at wildlife guzzlers, “tree island” plant communities on Peavine Mountain, and assessed soil methods for carbon concentrations. She is interested in water and air pollution, waste management, biological services, and renewable energy projects. She is currently living at Lake Tahoe where she enjoys hiking, attending CrossFit classes, and swimming.

RCI is pleased to provide Elana an opportunity to work side by side with our experienced industry experts who will share their business acumen and technical expertise.  RCI welcomes such a dedicated and hardworking young professional to our staff!

Please join us in welcoming Elana to RCI!