Bruce R. Scott, PE, PLS, Principal


Principal Civil Engineer

Mr. Scott has overall responsibility for RCI’s surveying, water rights, civil engineering, and land-use planning functions. He has considerable experience in surveying and water rights including water right surveying, applications and proofs required by the State Division of Water Resources, boundary surveys, land division maps, parcel maps, lot line adjustments, record of survey mapping, and expert witness testimony.

His civil engineering projects include the management, planning, supervision, analysis, and design for a variety of projects involving water supply, water systems, water resources, roadway design, wastewater collection, street reclamation, storm drainage, and utility improvements.

As Engineer for the Town of Minden and Minden-Gardnerville Sanitation District, Mr. Scott reviews proposed plans for compliance with ordinances and regulations dealing with water and sewer systems and consults with each Board regarding the operation and maintenance of the facilities. He is also project engineer for improvements undertaken by these entities such as street and drainage improvements, water system improvements, effluent reservoirs, and related facilities which have totaled over five million dollars in the last ten years. Additionally, Mr. Scott serves as Engineer for several general improvement districts throughout the State of Nevada.