Source Water Protection Task Force

The Source Water Protection Task force is a collection of multiple partners from NDEP, NDOT, NDWR, NRCS, NvRWA, RCAC, TMWA, and USGS. The goal of the Task Force is to expand connections between multiple partners surrounding source water and watershed resources. Currently, this web page is an evolving resource that will include more information over time.

What is Source Water Protection?

Watersheds and groundwater basins containing existing and potential future sources of public drinking water for Nevada’s communities are considered “source water”. Successfully protecting the water quality of Nevada’s most precious resource requires local action. Coordinating communication across the State is key to empower local communities and protect water sources from pollution.

Public drinking water sources can include:

  • Groundwater tapped by public water system wells,
  • Surface water from watersheds,
  • Surface water from other tributaries and springs for potential future drinking water supply.

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