Jessica Joshi

Water Rights Technician, Mapping Specialist

Jessica has been a member of the Water Rights team at RCI for two years. Previously, she worked as a GIS technician for the Nevada Division of Water Resources (NDWR) Floodplains program. Her experience with water rights work includes research and filings for both underground and surface rights in the State of Nevada, working closely with the Engineers at NDWR and other members of the RCI Water Rights team. Experienced in preparation and filing of water rights applications, application mapping, reports of conveyance, abstracts of title, extension applications, and general water right permit maintenance. Ms. Joshi’s experience also includes:

  • Creating GIS maps depicting overview of water rights including points of diversion and place of use
  • Drafting supporting maps to accompany applications for irrigation, municipal, mining, commercial, and environmental projects.
  • Preparing and filing Proof of Completion and Proof of Beneficial Use
  • Maintaining ongoing pumpage records
  • Preparing and filings chains of title and reports of conveyance

Ms. Joshi’s background includes:

  • Researched ownership records for properties with appurtenant water rights from patent to present
  • Completed customer’s applications requesting new water rights for new water resource commitments or expanded water service
  • Create timetable for project objectives and maintained schedule for deliverable materials

Contact Information:

BS, Environmental Science
Graduate Certificate, GIS