Dawn Aragon

Water Rights Specialist

Ms. Aragon brings a unique background and special capabilities to the RCI water rights team. She has significant experience in water and water rights, in addition to her wealth of GIS experience. Dawn has outstanding interpersonal skills, which are of value to our clients and in her relations with NDWR staff. She takes pride in working with clients and works well with in-house staff gaining knowledge and know-how to be able to answer any need or request. Her comprehensive background working in water includes water flow measurements, municipal water utility experience, extensive GIS mapping capabilities, and varied water rights services. She is a key member of the RCI team, with the resources to provide technical support to our clients in the municipal, ranching, and mining arenas.

Dawn has an excellent reputation and rapport with the staff and her clients. She enjoys meeting with NDWR staff in the process of researching water rights files and meetings in support of clients’ needs. Dawn is instrumental in all aspects of a client’s water rights needs. She oversees projects from initial filings through the perfection of permitted water rights, always maintaining a high level of professionalism that is greatly respected and appreciated.

Ms. Aragon’s background includes:

  • Evaluating project water-demand to ensure adequate resources are available for projects.
  • Consulting with clients, including water utilities, to determine water demands for “will-serve” commitments or dedication in favor of domestic wells.
  • Drafting supporting maps for irrigation, municipal, mining, commercial, and environmental projects.
  • Planning water rights strategies and developing systems of projecting target-meter readings for clients to assist in the proof of beneficial use.
  • Drafting water rights deeds, legal descriptions, easements and exhibit maps for clients, attorneys, and title companies.
  • Preparing chains of title and reports of conveyance and filing with the State Engineer.

Contact Information:

BS, Geography

NSPS Certified Survey Technician