RCI End of Summer BBQ and Employee Awards

Brrrrrrrrr, come back summer! So sad to see summer coming to an end, as you can tell by the chill factor attire donned by one and all. But RCI does not let that stop us from having a full-on celebration with food and fun, and our hard working RCI family is up to the challenge. Thursday, September 21st once again found Marvin Tebeau at the BBQ grilling up some awesome shish kabobs!

In Appreciation

RCI took the opportunity to catch up on some well-deserved recognition for years of loyal and dedicated service. The following were presented with employee appreciation plaques with gratitude and affection by RCI.

Jim Koch is first up for 5 years of service at RCI. RCI appreciates all Jim’s hard work at the Materials Lab,  as well as his contributions helping with our Environmental Services. His work at RCI has taken him from the Black Rock Playa to the metropolis of Battle Mountain, and we appreciate his willingness to do what it takes to get the job done!

Jomar Pardo with 5 years of service at RCI. Jomar is like RCI’s swiss army knife. He’s willing to do anything, and help anyone at RCI. He really helps build the family atmosphere that we all enjoy, so Jomar thank you for all your hard work!

Gary Ray with 5 years of service at RCI. Gary has been a real asset to RCI both in terms of his knowledge and experience in the field, but also in taking the time to mentor and teach younger RCI employees. We were even able to get him back to Carson City after spending a summer at Kirkwood, so Gary thank you for all your hard work!

Pat Enochs with 10 years of service at RCI. Pat does enough for RCI by simply keeping the Lake Office in order, but she’s also been great in making sure our procrastinating clients are paying their bills. She recently survived an office move, and we can’t thank her enough for her patience in that, as well as her service to RCI. Thank you Pat!

Kathy Horton with a plaque for 10 years of service at RCI, but she’s actually now over 11 years of service. Kathy is the voice of RCI. Everyone who calls the office has the pleasure of talking to Kathy, and those of us who forget to report our whereabouts have the pleasure of hearing from Kathy. She does a great job keeping track of everyone, which is no easy chore, and also contributes greatly to RCI’s family atmosphere. Thank you, Kathy!

JoAnne Michael with a plaque for 10 years of service at RCI, but she’s actually over 13 years now. JoAnne is obviously an inspiration to all of us at RCI, someone whose fighting spirit is admired! We are very thankful to have her back at RCI after an uninvited break. I think the way RCI rallied behind JoAnne and her return truly shows the strength of this family. Thank you, JoAnne!

Kristin Roaldson with a plaque for 10 years of service at RCI, but she’s been at RCI for much longer than that when you count her intern years. Kristin is someone who started working at RCI in high school, and it has been a pleasure to see her grow into a tremendous young professional who clearly understands and reflects the RCI spirit. No matter where she happens to be traveling in the world, we know Kristin always represents RCI well, and thank her for her service.

Lynne Scott with a plaque for 10 years of service at RCI, and over 11 years now. Lynne has been instrumental in making sure RCI enjoys the little things, like expense reimbursements. She is one of the behind the scenes folks that has a tremendous impact on not only our operations but our culture. Lynne, thank you for your hard work at RCI!

Kathy Sylvia with a plaque for 15 years of service at RCI, spread over a much broader timeframe. Kathy is not only a walking encyclopedia when it comes to water rights, she may be the only one who can keep up with Bruce! We can’t thank Kathy enough for all her dedication and service to RCI, but also for her positive attitude and contribution to RCI’s culture.

Michelle Gamble with a plaque for 15 years of service at RCI, although she recently passed the 17-year mark. Michelle has been a rock in the Engineering staff. She is an accomplished engineer, but she also embodies the RCI spirit and she’s been a mentor to much of our staff from a technical, professional and personal standpoint. We can’t thank Michelle enough for her dedication and service to RCI!

Linda Hutton with a plaque for 15 years of service at RCI, although she’s into her 16th year. Linda is another of the behind the scenes folks who just makes RCI work! Linda is a professional cat herder, making sure everyone is doing their job getting invoices out on time. It can be a tough job at times, but she is just the person to get it done. We can’t thank her enough for all her hard work and dedication to RCI!

And finally, we’ve saved our longest for last. At an impressive 25 years, which is actually over 26 as we play plaque catch-up, we’d like to recognize Jill Sutherland. Jill is an embodiment of the RCI spirit and vision. She helps maintain a family atmosphere in part because she’s raised a wonderful family during her career at RCI. She’s also served as a mentor, friend and inspiration to many of our employees. We truly can’t thank Jill enough for her loyalty, dedication and contributions to RCI’s success over the past 26+ years. Thank you, Jill!