Carson River Snap Shot Day 2015

RCI staff Lynn Zonge and Kristin Roaldson were two of the volunteer team leaders in this year’s Snap Shot Day organized by Mary Kay Wagner with the NDEP.

This unique field study will offers students, parents, and educators the chance to experience the river first-hand and interact with the resource professionals who care for this lifeline of Nevada’s high desert watershed. The event is geared to upper elementary through high school grades.

The primary purpose of Snapshot Day is to document and study riparian habitat, measure water quality, and increase understanding within the community about issues facing our watershed. Information is gathered from each site at the same time on the same day, documenting an annual “snap shot” of the river. Field tests are conducted for dissolved oxygen, conductivity, pH and temperature, and other water “grab” samples are collected for laboratory analysis of nutrients, turbidity and bacteria.