What’s New: The Genoa Destination Main Street Landscaping Enhancement

Through Douglas County Redevelopment Agency funding, Sandra Wendel & Associates and Resource Concepts, Inc. have commenced work on the design phase for the Enhancement Plan approved by the Genoa Town Board and the Redevelopment Agency earlier this year.

The design goal is to combine 20th century technology and engineering, and sustainability where practicable, with enhancements that create a historically distinctive Main Street that promotes business, community, tourism and recreation within Carson Valley’s scenic environment. Visions for Genoa that will provide focus for the detailed design effort include:

Supporting History – in order to maintain historic relevance, plans will simplify and eliminate some of the less desirable elements, such as overhead electrical wires and disintegrating asphalt.

Increasing Connectivity – plans to provide integrated walkway design to increase community access and assist town visitors.

Promoting Genoa –Genoa’s pride in their community supported through ‘purposeful design’, providing enhancements that are ordered in a way to create a more unified town center.

Embracing the Surrounding Landscape – Concurrent development for a bike and walking trail to Walley’s, and hiking trails in the Sierra foothills west of town reinforce the strong recreation potential of this small community.

Work on this exciting project will require a coordinated effort between townspeople and town leaders, Genoa’s business community, Douglas County, Nevada Department of Transportation and other stakeholders. The design and approval process was completed through the fall, winter and spring of 2011-2012 and construction is scheduled to begin in the fall of 2012.

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