RCI wins “Best in the Basin” for engineering work at Tahoe

Resource Concepts, Inc., is a 2009 winner of the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency’s “Best in the Basin” award award for a commercial rebuild project.

The engineering, natural resource and environmental consulting firm provided civil design and permitting services for South Lake’s Ski Run Center, a 1.7-acre site owned by Gersick Enterprises.

“The site had numerous constraints, including high groundwater, active remediation of contaminated soil and a shallow adjacent storm-drain facility,” said Lynn Zonge, hydrologist and fluvial geomorphologist at RCI. “We appreciate TRPA for its recognition of this project.”

RCI provided all civil design for the site at U.S. Highway 50 and Ski Run Boulevard, which included parking lots, walkways, water service, sewer facilities and a storm drain system. The architectural work was completed by MWA, Inc. and the Ski Run Center was constructed by Gardner Construction.

The Tahoe Regional Planning Agency’s “Best in the Basin” awards recognize projects demonstrating exceptional planning, design and compatibility with the Lake Tahoe environment. The “Best in the Basin” awards were presented at the TRPA Governing Board meeting last week.