What’s New: Indian Hills Water Transmission Main

RCI is working with Indian Hills GID on the funding and design of the proposed Indian Hills Water Transmission Main. Currently, the main source of water for Indian Hills GID has levels of arsenic above the state and federal MCL. Indian Hills GID has been researching various solutions since 2002, including the option of constructing a microfiltration plant. As an alternative to the construction (with associated ongoing operations and maintenance costs) of such a treatment plant, Indian Hills GID is pursuing participation in the future North Douglas County Regional Water System. The Regional project is a cooperative effort in which the Town of Minden will provide high quality drinking water to Douglas County, Carson City, and Indian Hills GID.

The Indian Hills Water Transmission Main project includes the construction of a water main teeing off the proposed new regional system main line in Heybourne Road and connecting to the existing booster pump station at the Hobo Water Treatment Plant. The proposed water main construction will include horizontal directional drilling beneath the Carson River to protect the riverbed and banks and boring beneath US Hwy 395. Funding is being sought from the State of Nevada AB198 and USDA RUS. The project is anticipated to be approved for funding this spring with construction beginning in mid-summer of 2010.