May 2009 News

RCI was the design civil engineer for this $2.5M Carson High School track and field facility renovation. The renovation consisted of removing the existing natural turf and replacing it with state of the art artificial turf, removal and replacement of the existing asphaltic paving and remnant track surface with new asphalt and a new rubberized track surface, bleacher renovations for structural stability and ADA compliance, fencing and adjacent sitework.

The Carson City School District hired RCI to be a part of the design team tasked with improving this complex. RCI was in charge of the permitting and site design, and assisted the project manager in the construction oversight. RCI was responsible for permitting, initial site surveying and construction layout, site drainage and grading design, utility design, facility fencing, concrete flatwork design and permit/construction documents. The design work not only included the track and field, but also the adjacent grounds, which included bleachers, asphaltic paving, concrete walkways and erosion control.

The entire site is now a fully functioning, ADA compliant, facility that meets the requirements for a State Championship meet. The benefit of the artificial turf is the elimination of the need to irrigate the multipurpose football/soccer field.

Existing track at beginning of construction.

Artificial turf installation.

Completed artificial turf field with Carson High School logo.

Completed track facility.

Completed long/triple jump facility.