Stormwater Circuit Rider

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Why is Stormwater Important in Nevada?

Nevada is the driest state in the nation with a rapidly growing population which means water is the State’s most valuable resource. Communities, construction sites and industry must prevent pollution from reaching stormwater to help protect Nevada’s limited water resources.

Who is the Stormwater Circuit Rider?

The Stormwater Circuit Rider is a team of engineers and scientists from Resource Concepts, Inc. (RCI) based in Carson City, Nevada with a wide range of experience including planning, permitting, designing, monitoring and evaluating stormwater projects for private and public entities.

How Can the Circuit Rider Help My Site?

The Stormwater Circuit Rider Program’s goal is to provide useful tools to help business and communities comply with State and Federal stormwater regulations that are in place to help protect and preserve Nevada’s water resources. The State program provides technical assistance at no cost for the Nevada General Stormwater Permits listed as follows:

Construction Stormwater General Permit (NVR100000): Construction projects disturbing more than one acre, projects disturbing less than one acre but part of a larger common plan for development or sale that will ultimately disturb one acre or more, and sites where NDEP determines that a project less than one acre in size will impact receiving waters or its tributaries within a 1/4-mile radius of the project.

Industrial Stormwater General Permit (NVR050000): Industrial facilities that fall into one of 11 categories including facilities with effluent limitations, facilities by SIC Code, aggregate mining, hazardous waste facilities, landfills, recycling facilities, steam electric power plants, transportation facilities, treatment works processing over 1 MGD, and light industry.
Note: Metallic Mining and Construction Sites over 1 acre are covered under different general permits.

Small Municipal Separate Storm Sewer Systems (SMS4) (NVR040000): Communities with a population of at least 10,000 and a population density of at least 1,000 people per square mile as determined by the latest Census. These communities are covered under the “Stormwater Phase II Final Rule.” Currently regulated: portions of Carson City, Douglas County, Lyon County, City of Elko, Nellis Air Force Base in Las Vegas, and Coyote Springs.

What Will Be Covered at a Training Workshop?

  • When to apply for a permit
  • Applying for a permit
  • Passing an inspection
  • Selecting, installing, and maintaining Best Management Practices (BMPs)
  • Developing Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPPs)
  • Permit changes:
    • The Construction Stormwater General Permit was reissued January 5, 2015 with these changes:
      • All sites over 1-acre need coverage
      • Contact info must be posted at job site
      • 14-day approval period for permit coverage
      • Long term site stabilization in place before permit coverage can be terminated!
    • The Industrial Stormwater General Permit is currently being updated!
  • Register for a workshop or schedule a one-on-one facility assessment! At no cost, the Circuit Rider will evaluate your facility or construction site to review:
    • SWPPP,
    • BMPs,
    • Good housekeeping techniques, and
    • Pollutant sources and spill prevention.

When Can I Attend a Training Workshop?

2017 Scheduled Workshops

RSVP to Kristin Roaldson or Jill Sutherland at (775) 883-1600 or

Past Workshops: 2017

  • Feb. 28/Mar. 1 – Minden
  • Feb. 1 – Elko

Past Workshops: 2016

  • Mar. 22 – Elko
  • Mar. 31 – Las Vegas
  • Apr. 5-6 – Sparks – Nevada Water Environment Association (NWEA) 2016 Annual Conference
  • May 17 – Minden
  • Sept 21 – Las Vegas – Tri-State Conference

Past Workshops: 2015

  • Jan. 28 – Dayton
  • Feb. 25 – Yerington
  • Feb. 26 – Minden
  • Mar. 25 – Winnemucca
  • Mar. 26 – Elko
  • Apr. 28 – Fallon
  • Apr. 29 – Fernley
  • Nov. 17 – ASCE Capital Branch

2015 Workshop Presentation Files

Where Can I Get More Information?

Stormwater Links to State & Federal Programs:

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