Humboldt County Water Plan

Humboldt County is developing a Water Plan to:

  • Ensure availability of water to maintain the County’s customs, culture and environment for this and future generations;
  • Provide opportunity for well planned community growth and economic development that is in balance with available water resources; and,
  • Maximize the County’s influence on decisions that directly impact water resources within Humboldt County.

To ensure that this is community-based Plan, the Humboldt County Commission is asking for your input and involvement!

Additional background information is available in this Public Information Handout.

Information Presented at the Public Workshops:

Humboldt County Water Plan Workshop Slide Show

A number of questions were asked at the Workshops in regards to State Water Law. The below link provides access to a Water Rights 101 presentation that was recently provided by the State Engineer to the Nevada Legislature. This provides a good general overview of State Water Law and reference to several key sections of Nevada Revised Statute.

Water Rights 101

Please remember to complete and submit your Citizen’s Survey on or before March 17, 2017!

Input received through the Citizen’s Surveys is tentatively scheduled to be presented to the County Commission at their Monday, April 3, 2017 meeting.

Phase 1 – Complete, August 2016:

Draft Water Plan Framework

The Draft Water Plan Framework serves as a starting point and provides background information necessary for a water plan.

Read the Draft Water Plan Framework, Humboldt County, NV 

Phase 2 – We Are Here:

Public Outreach and Community Input

The County Commission wants to know what you think about the County’s future involvement in water management.  Attend a public workshop, and take the Citizen’s Survey. Information for submitting your survey is included on the document.

Download the Citizen’s Survey

Phase 3 – To be Determined:

Incorporate Input, Update Plan & Possible Adoption

Public input from the Workshops and Citizen’s Surveys will be presented to the County Commission in April 2017.

The Commission will decide if and how to move forward with the Water Plan after hearing from you!

Reference Documents

Nevada State Water Plan, 1999

Other County Water Plans

Elko County Nevada Water Resource Management Plan, 2007

Draft Eureka County Water Resources Master Plan, 2016

Lander County Water Resources Plan, 2010

Pershing County Master Plan, Water Resources, 2012

For questions, please contact:

Jeremy Drew, Project Manager, Resource Concepts, Inc.