Markleeville Creek Stream Reclamation

Existing Conditions

Conceptual Future Condition

Markleeville Creek Stream Reclamation Project/Alpine County, CA

Resource Concepts completed the first phase of the Markleeville Creek Restoration Project with the project design and engineering. The second phase will consist of the permitting and construction of the project. Funding is currently being sought for the second phase and an application has been submitted for a California River Parkways Grant.

The project design was overseen by a Technical Advisory Committee (TAC). The TAC included diverse representation from Alpine County Public Works; Alpine County Planning; US Forest Service; Lahontan Regional Board; Central Sierra RC&D; Alpine Watershed Group; CalTrans; and Alpine County Health Department. The TAC identified five project objectives for the project:

  • Decrease the risk of future flood damage to property;
  • Improve channel form and function;
  • Enhance the riparian and in-stream habitat;
  • Improve water quality; and
  • Promote community stewardship.

The initial design addressed restoration of the Creek’s form and function and additional enhancements may occur in the future. Driving factors in the restoration design included the Community’s long-term goals for restored area including: appropriate land uses (interpretive kiosk, pathways, etc.), type of public access (pedestrian, ADA, etc.), and the diversity of activities (walking, fishing, etc.) that will be promoted or allowed in the project area.